Give Yourself Grace as You Navigate Burnout

Give Yourself Grace as You Navigate Burnout

Indulging can be fun but when it’s being used as an escape you can lose your way. Self care is key to maintaining a healthy you, but I’m not talking about fancy baths and candles, but actual care. Doctor appointments, therapy sessions, etc are really important aspects of self care that we sometimes overlook. 


I have been dealing with burnout off and on for years. I used to work a retail pharmacy job that was demanding then switched over to a position with an insurance company that had zero boundaries or support for employees so I got discouraged from participating in any sort of magical practice. I didn’t even want to be intimate with myself which was my favorite way to clear energy and ground. 


As I’ve progressed in life, I’ve been taught that having grace with our own process is important. Sometimes I hold myself to an expectation that is not achievable at that particular time. This usually ends up with me retreating to my bed unable to seek comfort in anything including my kiddo or partner. Thankfully I’m getting better at this, but let this be your sign to take it easy with yourself and pivot as you see fit. 

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