What is Sabbath Social?

You may notice our mission is on the bottom of all of our web pages, because we stand strongly by it.

Sabbath Social is a collective of magical practitioners that aim to provide a safe and sacred space, both spiritually and physically with NO judgement.

Our mission is to educate and inspire our community members by means of providing information, Social engagement and sponsored events.

We would like to the preferred provider of an online and in person community of magical practitioners. We want to provide a space where we can all feel free to learn and grow, without judgement while still allowing paths that need to keep their gates. We aim to provide community by means of both online and in person events, exclusive content, and so much more!

Who is Sabbath Social for?

Sabbath Social is an out reach company that provides a sense of community for those who may not have one, and is for everyone! We really do mean everyone! It we welcome all colors of skin, every creed, gender identity, sexual orientation and walk of life. Yes that means You! So long as you follow our Rules of Engagement, you will be welcomed to Connect to Your Circle with open arms. You be you with out judgement.

How do we operate?

Every member and non member who engages in Sabbath Social events, is expected to follow the Sabbath Social Rules of Engagement. We will keep the boundaries and maintain a safe space for our members and fellow practitioners.

Who works for Sabbath Social?

Check out our staff and team below! If you're interested in joining the team, contact us!

Raven Flower Owner & Co Founder

Hi! My name is Raven.

I have had witchy tendences for years but actively started my practice in 2014. I identify as a green, kitchen, sea, and intuitive Bi-sexual crone psychic medium.  There have been a lot of challenges in my life that I am grateful to the divine and my ancestors for bringing me through the rough times. I am an artist and 3rd generation floral designer and event planner. Experience in marketing, legal, customer service, hospitality and executive administration is found on my resume. I have recently received my officiant certificate.  Weather you need a wedding officient, blessing ceremony for home or new little ones or in need of a life lesson session, or a personal Truth Talk, I am here for you!

I love creating events for our community. I hope you will find a spot to plug in. We have something for everyone.

I have been active in the online witchy community through Facebook , YouTube, and Instagram for seven years. During that time, I saw a need from the community to seek deeper connections both online and in person. I saw that many solitary practitioners were isolating themselves due to fear of judgement.  I struggled to understand WHAT judgment they were fearful of. It didn’t take long for me to see. Several social media groups were quick to tell I was using the wrong ingredients for spells. Or I was told I was not allowed to work with certain deities. I saw males , both gay and straight, be told they weren’t allowed to use the label “witch” when talking about themselves. I saw the trans witches be ridiculed and not taken seriously. More and more I saw peoples personal opinions and agendas plant seeds of doubt and anxiety in many of my friends. It simply broke my heart. 

I believe that our magical practice and journey is just that, OURS. We each have the right to practice, ask questions and grow in our journey without judgment. I believe that we could use our energy better serving each other with kindness and support rather than shaking our fingers at them. That type of thing NEVER helps anyone learn.  

Many of us are craving our own authenticity in our daily lives but also in our practice. So, I came up with an idea to bring people together to discuss a plan and we came up with Sabbath Social.  This is a place for everyone. All walks of life, all colors of skin, all cultures, all levels of magic, all sexual orientations BUT without the drama and judgement. 

Here, you’ll connect with others that seek to support and uplift each other. Here, we will celebrate with each other through online and in person events year-round! Here, you can ask questions. Here you can live magically, authentically, and sovereignly. Welcome!

Sabbath Social Responsibilities: 

Owner, Co-Founder & Boss Bitch, Sabbath Social TEAM and Content Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, ROE Committee Leader, Volunteer, Excursion & Tour Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager, Event Planner, Wedding Officiant, World Traveler and Youtuber. ( And anything else that needs to be done)

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BlueNightt - Co Founder

Hi everyone, my name is BlueNightt. I am a gay solitary witch and as some would say spiritual medium. I grew up in the back woods of Southern Ohio, where my Granny taught me what some of us know as “granny magic”. The truth is I’ve always been drawn towards magic, the strange, and the unexplained. I was the overly sensitive child that would interact with the spirits in the woods and in my room daily. I could sense the haints and see spirit everywhere, and I learned from a young age how to cope. When my Granny would tell stories and instruct us grandkids to do weird things for good luck or to keep the bad energy away, I would listen closely. I fell into Wicca and Witchcraft when I was very young as well. I’ve been a practicing witch since I was 11 and as time went on I would leave my Wiccan faith for something that fit my spiritual needs a bit more. I would follow my own path of paganism with Cristian, Hoodoo, Wiccan and Irish influences that continuously seems to eb and flow as my life does.  

Many may know me from my Youtube channel that I started in 2011 and named after myself, where my presence in the pagan and witch community really began to flourish. Over the years I have done many videos including paranormal vlogs, spell work tips and witchy tidbits, as well as recently adding a new segment called Drunken Divinations; where tips get the hosts (myself and my best friend of many years) tipsy and we attempt to divine for the live chat while spreading positive vibes and words of encouragement to our viewers. You really should stop by sometime. 

If I am not working, creating for YouTube, or practicing witchcraft, you’re most likely going to find me with the love of my life, my fiancé Anthony. We will either be at home watching movies, playing video games with friends, hanging out with friends or family, at the beach, or maybe I’m just at home working on one of my many personal art projects that I can never seem to get done… hm. 

My personal goal for Sabbath Social is to make sure that I am a representative of the mission and I embody everything that we are trying to create here which is above all else a safe space. 

Until recently I was never the one to talk about my experiences as far as the spiritual and the paranormal, even after finding the witch community I was very careful with who I shared my experiences with for fear of being judged or ridiculed. My worst fear being that I would be mis diagnosed with a mental illness or social disorder that would hinder the rest of my life. Even as a gay man I continue to live in fear living in the south of the country. Afraid to hold my fiancé’s hand in public or say “I love you” too loud.

Terrible things happen in this world every single day, and it’s awful, but you know what? You’re absolutely safe here. You belong here. I helped create Sabbath Social to not only give people like myself a place to go and find friends and have fun but also to protect that sanctity. I want you to find the friendships that I was able to find and nurture for many years. I want you to have a circle of people you can trust, that you can go have fun with and not have to worry about how you will be viewed as less than human. We all deserve this feeling of safety.

Everyone of every path is welcome in this circle. No matter your skin color, your gender identity, or sexual orientation. You are valued here. No drama, no fear tactics, no unrealistic coven expectations or fellowship laws to worry about. You are master of your own path, the gates you keep belong to you and your spirits and you are free keep them as you see fit and we respect your heart and honor your courage. Live magically with us, live authentically as yourself, and live sovereignly with love. These are the pillars we built with respect and reverence. Welcome to your circle - Sabbath Social

Sabbath Social Responsibilities:

Co Owner & Boss Witch, ROE Committee Leader, Web Designer, Artist, Content Manager, Membership Coordinator, Social Media Manager, YouTuber, Event Coordinator, Wedding Officiant, Jack of Many Trades Master of None, Appalachian Witch and Spirit Medium

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