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Our Book Club is open to everyone who receives our Magical Monthly Mail! The Meetings are now via zoom and you will receive the link each month in the monthly mail.

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About Jenna

Hi! I’m Jenna! I’m going to be your friendly Sabbath Social Book Club Cheerleader!

I’m a 45+ years practicing Witch and new 2 1/2 year Soto Zen Buddhist student. YES! Those two can absolutely go together!

I’m excited to get into one of my passions, BOOKS! Like most bibliophiles your TBR pile is higher than you’ll probably ever read in your life. HA! It doesn’t matter! We are going to read them all! Join me through a monthly book of our choosing.

We’ll pick a book, read it for the month and then get to all the good discussing business! Thank you for coming along on this new journey! Blessed Be️ & Be Well!

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