Brigid's Cross

Join Bexar as he walks us through how to make Brigid's Cross just in time for the Imbolc season!

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Coming Soon!

-Virtual and in-person workshops posted as they become available in 2023

coming soon:

-Ostara Eggs-March

-Book Of Shadows Construction

-Besom Making

-Intention Candle Making

-Wand Creation

-Bone Throwing Kit Creation

-Belly Dance


-Magical Foraging

-Wiches Dance

And so much more ! Stay tuned!

Runes with GoatFish & Scarlett

Join GoatFish & Scarlett as they learn side by side with you in the study of reading nordic runes! Each week we have a zoom meeting discussing each rune and how it can be read! This study group will be going from January to April and you can join at any time! This is a Sabbath Social Member Exclusive! Please click the link below to write your RSVP!

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365 Goddess Study

Jan 2023 - Jan 2024 join us as we read the 365 Goddess book by Patricia Telesco and form our own study and discussion group for 7 Goddesses a week! This is a Sabbath Social Member Exclusive! Please RSVP below to be included!

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