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Bexar, (the "x" is silent) lives in a land between boomer and gen x. Born and partially raised in Europe he has a broader scope of cultural and religious experiences. He comes from a large family of the metaphysically gifted. His grandfather was a white witch / light healer and many of the elder women had witchy tendencies . As a small child he experienced a vast amount of spiritual activity and has learned to navigate communications and has had to occasionally block.

He is a father and a grandfather, a husband, 100% disabled vet, artist and world traveler. He's a
viking who likes to play pirate and enjoys history, Dungeons and Dragons (since 1979), the
supernatural and a good rum punch. In recent years he has become an artificer, making magical
tols such as wands and staffs. Bexar is a self proclaimed KOOK (keeper of odd knowledge and has never met a stranger. His first word was Howdy!'

Crimson Fyre

I am so excited to share this journey with you and share the Magick!
I'm Vana :) .. An Eclectic Omnist Witch living and teaching from The Witches Cottage I built at RavenStag my Suburban Witchy Homestead.

I love creating magickal spaces and helping create and empower both community and individuals alike!

After much solitary weaving in 1998 I became Creatrix, Founder & Priestess of the Eternal Flame Path
and subsequently established The Eternal Flame Coven in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia ...Now spanning all across the Globe!

There are many hats I adorn.. Mystic Witch, Priestess, Metaphysicist , Creatrix, Passions Innovator, Inspiration Coach, Educator, Author, Artist, Photographer, Musician, Writer, Singer-Songwriter, Uber Science Geek & Zombie Lover... ALL THE THINGS!!

But Above all Im A busy mum of two Boys and just an all round lover of people and life :)

Sending you many Blessings and sooo much LOVE! xoxo

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