Magick Mallow S’mores

Magick Mallow S’mores

Who doesn’t love a good s’more? Melted chocolate, roasted marshmallows and the crunch of a nice honey graham cracker- I meannnn.

One of my favorite Halloween memories is sitting around the fire with my family, telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows. It’s just good cozy fun. But what if we took it up a notch and added a little magick to the tradition.

S’mores are obviously very simple. But this recipe is less about the cooking and more about the intention.

Graham Crackers

Fun fact about the graham cracker- they were inspired by the preachings of Presbyterian minister-Sylvester Graham who believed that minimizing pleasure of all kinds was the way God intended people to live. This means no white bread, no meat, no dairy, no alcohol and most importantly- no masturbation! *tee hee*

His followers were known as Grahamites who formed one of the first vegetarian movements in America. A staple of this vegetarian diet was bread made of coarsely ground wheat called graham flour. Isn’t it ironic how a cracker- made by a preacher who devoted his life to rejecting pleasure, became a staple component of a decadent treat meant for that exact purpose? And now, it’s being used in a kitchen witchery recipe! Sylvester is probably rolling over in his grave.

Nowadays, graham crackers are sweetened with sugar and other flavors such as honey, cinnamon or chocolate. This gives us a lot of correspondences to play with, depending on what these ingredients mean to you.

Since graham crackers are made of wheat flour, I think this is a wonderful ingredient for abundance and acknowledging the harvest. Especially because it is the sandwiching component of the s’more, and is basically encapsulating the entire spell in the energetics of abundance.


There’s a reason why we give chocolate to express our love. Its energy is warm, loving, sensual and romantic. And you can find so many various chocolate flavors to add another layer of energy to the spell.

- Chili Pepper: fire, powerful energy, protection, fertility
- Sea Salt: protection, cleansing, grounding
- Coconut: fertility, psychic awareness, cleansing
- Orange: success, prosperity, friendship, cleansing
- Cherry: love, sex, beauty
- Nuts: abundance, success, money, luck


Marshmallows are basically made of sugar, water, gelatin and air. If you’re familiar with sweetening spells, you know sugar is a major component in sweetening someone or something in your favor- whether it be a lover, an enemy, a job, etc. In this spell, I’m using the marshmallow as both my sweetening agent as well as an edible parchment to draw symbols of power on. These symbols can range from runes to sigils, to simple drawings or words. The importance is that they call in what you’re wanting to attract. To do this, I am using a fine paintbrush and chocolate hazelnut spread. You could also mix a bit of vanilla extract with some food coloring to add a bit of color magick to the spell.

Now for the fun part- the fire!

To this point we are connecting to the grounded energetics of Earth with the graham crackers and chocolate. We’ve also invoked the energy of flow with Water & Air used to make the marshmallow- extra points if you try to make your own marshmallows from scratch! Now all we need is the igniting spark of creation with the element of Fire.

Nothing beats roasting marshmallows over a campfire, especially if you’re wanting to connect to the primal energy of the flames. But if a campfire isn’t readily available, you could also opt for a bit of kitchen alchemy and simply use your stove. I have an electric stove, so I just used my kitchen torch but I could’ve also put them on a baking sheet and set my oven to broil, rotating them until each section was nice and toasty.

Like I said before, the importance of this spell is your intention. Focus on that intention during each step of this process. And finally, once you’ve assembled your Magick Mallow S’more and you’re ready to eat- give thanks for the blessings you’re about to receive.

This is something that can be done alone or with friends and family, especially the kiddos. I’m so looking forward to enjoying this activity with my daughter... that is, once her teeth grow in.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of kitchen witchin’ fun! Blessings to you and yours this Samhain season!

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This is fantastic!! S’mores are one of my favorite fall desserts!

Jennifer Ball

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